BRIDGE THE GAP - "Secret Kombinations" (CD)

BRIDGE THE GAP - "Secret Kombinations" (CD)

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Bridge The Gap is a collection of four friends who toured hard and released music together in the '90s and early '00s. After putting down their instruments for a time to start families, the dudes reorganized as a new band with a fresh creative perspective and a burning passion to share their brand of skate-punk with the world.

With Secret Kombinations, Bridge The Gap plants its skate-punk flag with 13 anthems produced by Bill Stevenson and recorded at The Blasting Room

1. Secret Kombinations
2. Road Less Traveled
3. Over The Target
4. Open Heart Perjury
5. Screaming Back
6. My Creation
7. Whitecoat Battalion
8. Found In The Fire
9. Bend The Knee
10. Up
11. Bridges
12. Great Unwashed
13. Whippersnapper

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