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FRANKY LEE - "There Is No Hell Like Other Peoples Happiness" (LP)

FRANKY LEE - "There Is No Hell Like Other Peoples Happiness" (LP)

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2011 release from the Swedish rockers Mathias Färm (Millencolin) and Magnus Hägerås (The Peepshows).

Artwork by Erik Ohlsson.

About the band:
With it's explosive, full throttle rock sound, one would never guess that Franky Lee is the product of a drunken scheme. Yet the brutal energy and epic hooks yielded by this unified and muscular act is, in fact, just that. Bringing to mind the Foo Fighters, Samiam, Jimmy Eat World, and stemming from the bands devotion to the Afghan Whigs, the roar of Franky Lee is as majestic as it is melodic.

1. No Motion
2. Set the Scene
3. Genius and Imagination
4. The Fall of the Great Misunderstood
5. A Cunning Plan
6. Death to Myself
7. Stone Cold Lazy
8. Power Not Truth
9. Blinker Beat
10. Trust in Me
11. I Will Soldier On
12. A Man Without a Heart
13. Cut the Feeling

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