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GUTTERMOUTH - "Eat Your Face" (SBAM) (LP)

GUTTERMOUTH - "Eat Your Face" (SBAM) (LP)

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Release Date: June 14, 2024

1. Party Of Two (your table is ready)
2. Surfs Up A**hole 
3. Octopus Hairpiece
4. Wasted Lives 
5. The Next Faux Mohican
6. Season
7. Second Dui
8. My Neighbor’s Baby
9. Guadalahabra (the la habra spirit)
10. NRAA
11. I Read It On A Bathroom Wall In Reno
12. Ticket To Quebec
13. Hot Dog To The Head (a hot dog is a food not a p*n*s so get it right or pay the price)

- Dhalia Version (250)
- Plum Version (250)

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