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LOSING STREAK - "Big Dreams, No Desire" (Digital Download)

LOSING STREAK - "Big Dreams, No Desire" (Digital Download)

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About Losing Streak:

Brixton is a 14-year-old who was raised on punk rock and skateboarding. His dad, Rob, is a seasoned musician. Together they wrote some songs (Brixton on guitar, Rob on drums) and enlisted the help of members of Rob's former bands Freestyle and Setback (Charlie doing lyrics/vocals, Jer on bass/production) to help bring these songs to life. That is how Losing Streak came to be...or so they say.

Brixton Polifroni - Guitar
Rob Polifroni - Drums
Jer Quinlan - Bass/Backing Vocals
Charlie Berger - Vocals
Nico Taus - Additional Vocals on 'Friendzone'

Music written by Brixton and Rob Polifroni
Lyrics by Charlie Berger
Recorded and mixed by Jer Quinlan
Mastered by Michael Briggs
Album art by Charlie Berger, concept by Brixton Polifroni

1. Friendzone
2. Stuck
3. Agree to Disagree
4. Off The Mark
5. Hook, Line and Sinker
6. Head in The Sand

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