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SWECORE - "Rotter" (LP)

SWECORE - "Rotter" (LP)

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10 energetic, fast-paced, melodic and some hard hitting covers by Millencolin, No Fun At All, Pridebowl, Adhesive, Satanic Surfers, Randy, Refused, 59 Times The Pain, Raised Fist and Venerea.

Each song featuring a special guest from The Decline, One Hidden Frame, Hack the Mainframe, Venerea, Melting Fast, Fast Food Society, Straightline, Day Oof and The Stifled.

1. Mr. Clean (Millencolin)
ft. Pat from The Decline

2. Master Celebrator (No Fun At All)
ft. Pekka from One Hidden Frame

3. Nine Digit (Pridebowl)
4. On A Pedestal (Adhesive)
ft. Heath from Hack The Mainframe

5. Hero Of Our Time (Satanic Surfers)
ft. Mike from Venerea

6. Whom To Blame (Randy)
ft. Oscar from Melting Fast

7. Rather Be Dead (Refused)
ft. Sebas from Fast Food Society

8. More Out Of Today (59 Times The Pain)
ft. Bart from Straightline

9. Torn Apart (Raised Fist)
ft. Dimitris from Day Oof

10. Beanstalk (Venerea)
ft. Josh from The Stifled

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