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VERSUS THE WORLD - "The Bastards Live Forever" (SBAM) (LP/CD)

VERSUS THE WORLD - "The Bastards Live Forever" (SBAM) (LP/CD)

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A post-punk unit from Santa Barbara, California featuring members of Lagwagon and Good Riddance, Versus the World issued their eponymous debut album in 2005 on Kung Fu Records. Drawing from their dense pedigree the band blends elements of pop-punk, melodic post-hardcore and troubadour style vocals by founding front man Donald Spence. Versus the World has toured extensively world wide on subsequent releases Drink.Sing.Live.Love (2012) and Homesick/Roadsick (2015) in support of bands such as No Use for a Name, The Ataris, Lagwagon and MxPx. In 2021 the band teamed up with producerCameron Webb (Motörhead, Megadeth) to make The Bastards Live Forever which is due out in May2023 on SBÄM Records.

Track list:

  1. Frank Sinatra      
  2. RoadsickRoadsick             
  3. Looking for the Exit         
  4. Poison in the Well                            
  5. The Lights of Rome                          
  6. What I Deserve 
  7. …And We Marched On                  
  8. Goin’ Out for Smokes                      
  9. Are You There Dad It’s Me
  10. Your Wedding and a Funeral                       
  11. The Miserable
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